about machinegraphics

machinegraphics creates animation for museums, video producers and scientists

machinegraphics animation is seen in many diverse places:

  • museum exhibits
  • interactive displays
  • documentary films
  • medical and pharmaceutical videos
  • visitor centers
  • trade shows and conventions
  • professional conferences
  • online courses

machinegraphics has experience in many areas:

  • green technology
  • geology and earth sciences
  • natural history
  • molecular biology and medicine
  • medical instruments and laboratory equipment
  • digital elevation mapping

machinegraphics is based in Boston, MA, USA

electric vehicle demo trade show video loop

machinegraphics animation projects

  • cod population flux
    swordfish feeding grounds
  • Trapcode motion graphics title sequence
    3D animated title sequence
  • gastrointestinal bacteria cause ulcers
    laboratory device makes micro-measurements
  • White Mountains 3D maps
    Portland Oregon 3D maps

find these and more on machinegraphics vimeo channels